Supplemental Resources and Texts for Intermediate-Level Students of Chinese Language and Culture 

Welcome 欢迎 (huānyíng) to ReadChinese.

Despite the abundance of books and programs available for students beginning their study of Chinese, challenges often arise in the search for intermediate-level material to supplement textbook study.

ReadChinese provides a variety of reading selections and language exercises appropriate for students who have completed 2-3 semesters of college-level Mandarin.  Although designed to target a broad range of proficiencies and interests, a working knowledge of Pin-Yin transcription and familiarity with 300-600 characters will maximize the usefulness of this site to visitors.

Descriptive links in the left-hand column navigate to a wide variety of study and reference pages.  In addition to practical composition examples and visual studies of text found in signs and street scenes, there are lexicons useful for federal and state employees who need specialized tools for communication and analysis.  The links to numerous articles and literary texts were selected and translated either because they are timely observations of current events from a Chinese perspective or timeless masterpieces of Chinese literature. 

It is hoped that the material provided here will be of assistance in maintaining student interest and motivation on the "long march" to success in learning Chinese.